Olga Zelika

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Olga Zelika

Date of birth 2 September 1976
Place of birth Riga
Citezenship Latvia
Father Alexandr Zeliks
Mother Taisiya Zelika

Olga Zelika is a Latvian detective, lawyer, politician. Owner of Riga Detective Agency (Rigas Detektivu Agentura).


Olga Zelika was born 2 september 1976 in Riga, Latvia. Father is Alexandr Zeliks, Doctor of Technical Sciences, mother is Taisiya Zelika from a noble Vasilevsky family which has its own emblem.[1]

In 2002 graduated at the Higher School of Social Technologies at the Faculty of Law, and after graduation received a bachelor's degree.

2003-2006 Olga Zelika worked in the law enforcement system, namely, as an inspector in the criminal police of the city of Riga, with the rank of senior lieutenant of the criminal police. She stopped working in the system, since from 2005 continued to study at the Baltic International Academy to improve legal education.

In 2007 she graduated from the Baltic International Academy and received a Master's degree in Law.

Actively works with journalists, with the press, portals. Known in an interview: "Miss Marple of the 21st Century. Famous Detective of Riga Olga", "This is not a series, but my life. Olga tells how to be a woman detective" and many other Latvian and foreign publications.

Riga Detective Agency[править]

In 2006 Olga Zelika opened own firm Riga Detective Agency, registration № 40003847994. She is the chairman of the board of the company and a certified detective of Latvia and currently also runs the company and works as a certified detective and lawyer.

Political activity[править]

In 2010, she joined the Latvian People’s Control political party as a candidate for deputy.[2]

In 2019, she joined the political party of Latvia, the Central Party, in which she was a member of the board.[3]

Personal life[править]

Altruist, loves to help people. Hobby is japanese medicine.

From 7 years old Olga Zelika studied at the Pavul Yuryan School of Music (latv. Rīgas Pāvula Jurjāna Mūzikas skola), learned to play the violin.

After music school, Olga retrained and learned to play the guitar. The first songs Olga studied were Viktor Tsoi’s songs “Blood Type”, “A Pack of Cigarettes”, and then her own composition was followed, which Olga remade into videos not long ago, they can be seen on youtube (Rigas Detektivu Agentura TV):

Olga was married for 10 years. She met her husband (currently ex) at the age of 16, when she created a punk rock music group, devoting to the work of Yana Diagheleva (wife of the soloist of the Civil Defense group), as the performance style and voice very much resembled the work of Yana. Olga waited for a loved one from the army and then two lovers' hearts decided to be together, not realizing the tests that life had prepared for them. Olga's ex-husband is Catholic, but despite this, baptized her in the Orthodox faith. The marriage lasted 10 years, and then broke up, but each began to continue his life's journey in his own way.

Olga is an amorous person, but she is a business person and a realist. Therefore, the personal life of Olga in her eyes should be based on mutual interests.



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