Брайан Джордж

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Брайан Джордж

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Дата рождения 29 ноября 1953 года

Гражданство Флаг Израиля Израиль

Род деятельности актёр

Брайан Джордж (англ. Brian George, ивр. בריאן ג'ורג') — израильский и британский актёр[1].

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Брайан Джордж родился 1 июля 1952 года в Иерусалиме, Израиль.

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Year(s) Acting credit Character(s)
1991 Married... with Children Chef in episode "Look Who's Barking"
1992 Quantum Leap (TV series) as Ben, Lyle Hart's Agent in episode "Moments to Live - May 4, 1985"
1992-1993 Coach (TV series) as Rami (3 episodes)
1993 Robin Hood: Men in Tights as Dungeon Maitre'D
1993-1995 The Pink Panther (TV series) as Inspector (6 episodes)
1994 Melrose Place' (TV series) as Client in episode "Love, Mancini Style"
1994-1996 Weird Science (TV series) as Mr. Palate (6 episodes)
1997 Caroline in the City Mr. Tedescu
1991-1998 Seinfeld as Babu/Babu Bhatt in 3 episodes
1996-1999 Superman (TV Series) as voices of Eugene / Councilman in episodes "Unity" and "The Last Son of Krypton: Part I"
2000 The Prime Gig as Nasser
The X-Files as Project Doctor in episode "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati"
Keeping The Faith Paulie Chopra
Star Trek: Voyager Ambassador O'Zaal in episode "Drive"
2001 Bubble Boy Push Pop
The Chris Isaak Show Dr. Ramu Banerjee
2001-2004 Lloyd in Space Station
2002-07 Kim Possible Duff Killigan
2003-07 That's So Raven Dr. Sleevemore
2006 Crumbs (TV series) Dry Cleaner
2007 The 4400 as Claudio Borghi in episode "The Starzi Mutation"
2008-2009 The Spectacular Spider-Man Aaron and Miles Warren
2010 Phineas and Ferb Uncle Sabu
2013 DuckTales Remastered Flintheart Glomgold
Disney INFINITY Hector Barbossa
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Old Prisoner

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